The Moms Work Hard Signature Course is a unique, self-paced video course designed with busy Moms in mind.

It's not for the Mom looking to build an empire or have a 60-hour a week hustle.

Instead, this course starts out assuming you know nothing about being a Virtual Assistant and walks you all the way through the process of building your skills and getting hired.

What Student's Have to Say:


The Moms Work Hard course has literally changed my life. I went through the course as I was transitioning out of my full time job. I hit the ground running, and I am now officially booked out only 18 months after starting the course! I am able to have flexibility and only work while my boys are at school. I am so thankful for Carlee and this course!


Almost 2 years ago, my husband was applying to go back to seminary to work towards a PhD. I knew that I would need to help our family financially while still homeschooling with our 4 kids and stumbled across the Moms Work Hard VA course. Today I make almost $1,000 every month while my littles sleep! This course teaches you vital skills AND how to find your first clients! I can't recommend it highly enough!


Mom's Work Hard has literally been a huge blessing in my and my family's life. I have grown leaps and bounds in the past 9 months. Since completing the course, I have felt supported, guided, encouraged, and educated. They encourage you to try new things, and through that I found out I was good at graphic design...who knew? This new skill has been a large part of why my 2 main clients hired me. If I had not taken their advice (and the course!), I wouldn't be blessed with the opportunity to do something I love, AND make money while doing it, AND stay at home with my kids!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Moms Work Hard

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Unit 1: Overview of a VA and Her Roles

    • What is a Virtual Assistant?

    • Jobs a VA Might Do

    • Virtual Assistant Jobs Worksheet

    • 5 Jobs you can Start Today

    • Deciding What to Charge and Setting Up your Banking

  • 3

    Unit 2: All About Clients

    • What Clients are Looking for in a VA

    • How to Onboard New Clients

    • Where to Find Potential Clients

    • Potential Client Worksheet

    • How to Reach out to Potential Clients

    • Write a Stand-Out Email

    • How to Communicate Well with Clients

    • All About Contracts

    • What Makes a Great Long Term VA

    • When and How to End a Relationship

    • How to Increase Your Rates

    • How to Network and Get Referrals

  • 4

    Unit 3: Time Management For Busy Moms

    • A Foundation for Working at Home

    • Creating an Ideal Schedule

    • Creating an Ideal Schedule: Worksheet

    • Time Blocking

    • Goal-Focused Planning

    • Do the Next Thing

  • 5

    Unit 4: Technical Trainings

    • How to track time with Toggl

    • How to Invoice with Paypal

    • How to Create Optin Worthy Printables

    • Printable Example

    • How to Create Landing Pages

    • How to set up a VA Facebook Page

  • 6

    Everything Else

    • The VA Tax Guide

    • Carlee's Defcon Signs

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